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The Hitchin' Post Menu


Scrambled or fried eggs only

The Classic

Bacon, ham or sausage, with 2 eggs, hash browns & toast.12.99

The Post Breakfast

Bacon, ham & sausage, 3 eggs, hash browns & toast.16.99

Steak & Eggs

6 oz N.Y. Steak, served with 2 eggs, hash browns & toast.17.99


Chicken Wings

10 wings served with ranch dipping sauce.12.99

Pork Bites

A half-pound of our home cut pork bites, marinated, & breaded to perfection.

Served with ranch dipping sauce.12.99

Baked Nachos

Ground beef, cheese, green onions, black olives, fresh tomato, & jalapenos.

Chips or Perogies

served with sour cream & salsa.17.99

Stewie’s Shrimp Boat

6 big shrimp sautéed in lemon garlic butter, served with cocktail sauce & garlic toast.13.99


3-Delicous Dutch Kroketten, a breaded, seasoned pate, served with mayo & fries.13.99

Chicken Fingers

3 breaded Chicken Fingers & Fries 14.99

Chicken Minis

6 cheesy battered deep fried balls

Jalapeno or Cordon Bleu 12.99

Chicken Finger Poutine

Poutine topped with crispy sliced chicken fingers 14.99


Crispy fries, served with shredded cheese & our homemade gravy.9.99

On Sweet Potato Fries or onion rings 12.99

Mac & Cheese Wedges

10 battered deep fried macaroni & cheese wedges 12.99

Mozza Sticks 12.99

Deep Fried Pickles 12.99

From The Garden

Salads served with Garlic Toast


Served in a fresh taco bowl, seasoned ground beef, mixed with diced tomato, green onion, black olive, fresh cut romaine, tossed in house ranch -salsa dressing & topped with cheddar cheese. Served with sour cream.16.99


Our tasty Greek Salad tossed with red onion, olive, cucumber, green pepper, tomato, romaine & feta cheese.14.99

Add crispy chicken 4.00


Crisp romaine covered in a homemade creamy Caesar dressing, mixed with real bacon bits, Parmesan cheese & crispy croutons.13.99

Add crispy chicken 4.00

Chef Salad

Mixed greens with cheese, egg slices, bacon, crispy chicken, ham, cucumber, tomato, served with garlic toast.16.99


Burgers get a choice of -

Fries, Mashed, Tossed or Coleslaw

Yam Fries, Garlic Parmesan Fries, or Onion Rings add 1.50

Caesar or Greek Salad add 2.99

Poutine add 4.99

The Chicken Burger

Chicken breast topped with aioli, lettuce & tomato.

Choice of Crispy or Grilled.15.99

The Post Burger

6 oz. beef patty topped with mushrooms, cheese, bacon, aioli, red onion, lettuce, & tomato.16.99

The Bacon Mac Double Cheese Burger

6 oz beef patty topped with crisp bacon, battered deep fried mac & cheese bites, cheese, aioli, red onion, lettuce, & tomato.17.99

The Dill Burger

6 oz patty topped with deep fried pickles, onion rings, lettuce, tomato, aioli & dill ranch sauce.15.99

The Bushman Burger

Homemade patty blend of Elk, Wild Boar & Beef topped with cheese, aioli , lettuce, tomato & onion.16.99

The Hangover Burger

6 oz patty with bacon, ham, cheese, hash brown patty, topped with a fried egg, served with poutine hash browns.18.99

The Veggie Burger

Mildly spicy black bean burger served with lettuce, tomato, onion & aioli.15.99

The Jalapeno Cheddar Burger

6 oz patty topped with jalapeno, cheddar, lettuce, tomato & aioli. 15.99


Sandwiches get a choice of -

Fries, Mashed, Tossed or Coleslaw

Yam Fries, Garlic Parmesan Fries, or Onion Rings add 1.50

Caesar or Greek Salad add 2.99

Poutine add 4.99

Chicken Caesar Wrap

Wrap stuffed with Caesar salad, breaded chicken fingers & aioli.15.99

BLT Wrap

Wrap stuffed with bacon, lettuce, tomato & aioli. 15.99

Steak Dip

Our twist on a classic!

Marinated N.Y.Steak

Sliced & grilled on a warm bun with B.B.Q. sauce. Served with

Our homemade gravy for dipping.16.99

Crispy Chicken Club

A breaded chicken breast with cheese, bacon, lettuce, tomato & aioli, layered between 3 slices of toast.16.99

Vicki’s Melt

6 oz patty smothered in Swiss, cheddar, sautéed onions, B.B.Q sauce & aioli, served on grilled bread.15.99

Dave’s Famous Donair

Thinly sliced donair meat & sweet sauce served with lettuce, tomato, red onion & cheese.15.99

Philly Cheese Steak

Thinly sliced N.Y., green pepper, onion, mushrooms with Provolone & cheese aioli. 16.99

The Post Steak Sandwich

6 oz NY steak & garlic toast.17.99

Or 8 oz 21.99


All Meat – 17.99 &22.99

10”&14” Homemade sauce, ham, beef, pepperoni, salami &cheese.

Hawaiian - 16.99 & 20.99

10” &14” Homemade sauce, ham & pineapple, topped with cheese.

Vegetarian - 16.99 & 21.99

10” & 14” Homemade sauce, red onions, bell peppers, fresh tomato, pineapple, mushrooms, black olives, topped with cheese.

Chicken Bacon Alfredo 17.99 &22.99

10” & 14” Homemade sauce, large chunks of chicken & bacon, topped with cheese. Served with Alfredo

Donair - 17.99 & 22.99

10” & 14” Homemade sweet sauce, donair meat, red onions & tomatoes, served with & topped with cheese.

Bacon, Mushroom Shrimp 18.99 & 25.99

10” & 14 “, Homemade sauce, bacon, mushroom & baby shrimp topped with cheese


Entrees get a choice of -

Soup or Tossed to start

Choice of Potato

Caesar or Greek Salad add 2.99

Poutine add 4.99

Pork Schnitzel

Pork cutlet, cut & breaded in our signature blend, grilled to perfection & topped with a lemon wedge. Served with veg, & a side of our homemade gravy & garlic toast.20.99

Liver & Onions

8 oz. of thinly sliced liver grilled with onions & paired with a side of homemade gravy. Served with veg & garlic toast. 18.99

Fish & Chips

8 oz. Cod fillet battered & deep -fried to a golden brown.17.99

Veal Cutlets

2 finely breaded cutlets grilled perfectly & paired with a side of our homemade gravy. Served with veg & garlic toast.20.99

8 oz New York

Marinated then Char Broiled to your liking, served with veg & garlic toast.23.99

Add Shrimp 7.00 Add sautéed mushroom 3.00

Deep Fried Chicken

3 crispy pieces of chicken battered & deep fried to a golden brown.17.99

Cabbage Rolls & Perogies

Cabbage Rolls Served with Perogies, sauteed

In butter with onions & bacon Bits.15.99


Fettuccine Alfredo

Made to order fettuccine noodles covered in our homemade Alfredo, with tomato & green onion, topped with parmesan cheese & served with garlic toast.16.99

Add chicken 4.00 Add shrimp 7.00 Add steak 8.00

Baked with cheese 4.00


Our signature meat sauce on a bed of noodles topped with Parmesan. Served with garlic toast.13.99

Baked with cheese 4.00


Layered with our signature meat sauce, cottage cheese, noodles & spinach topped with cheese, baked & served with garlic toast.17.99